net/nss_ldap port update.

Artem Kazakov kazakov at
Wed May 3 06:45:05 UTC 2006

Hello all! 

I extended net/nss_ldap port functionality a little. 
Now it is possible to use ldap as source for hosts database. 
Only gethosbyname, gethostbyname2, gethostbyaddr are implemented. 
But it seems sufficient for most cases I think. 

Patch file is attached.

Artem Kazakov.

PS. There are some "strange" lines in the original
for example: 
{ NSDB_PASSWD, "endpwent",   __nss_compat_setpwent,
_nss_ldap_setpwent },
  { NSDB_PASSWD, "setpwent",   __nss_compat_endpwent,
_nss_ldap_endpwent },

Shouldn't it be like that? :
{ NSDB_PASSWD, "setpwent",   __nss_compat_setpwent,
_nss_ldap_setpwent },
  { NSDB_PASSWD, "endpwent",   __nss_compat_endpwent,
_nss_ldap_endpwent },

I have not noticed any difference in behavior when I change this, so I
did not include that fix to my patch. But can anyone explain if it is a
mistake or not? 

setgrent/endgrent are also mixed as in example. 

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