makeztxt is very outdated

Andreas Eriksson andreas.eriksson at
Mon May 1 10:27:09 UTC 2006

I got bored and did some more digging, and it turned out that the
soulution was very simple. Upstream has already applied all the
patches except for one, so just delete all the patches except for the
patch-Makefile one and it compiles and runs nicely. Could someone
update the ports collection to include this newer version?

Again, please CC replies to me, since I'm not subscribed.

On 5/1/06, Andreas Eriksson <andreas at> wrote:
> The makeztxt program used to convert text files onto ztxt files
> (readable by the palm os book reader weasel @, which
> is where makeztxt is hosted too) is pretty outdated. The version in
> ports (1.43) is from March 2002, and the newest version (1.60) is from
> August 2003.
> Its not just as simple as changing the version number in the makefile,
> because at least one of the patches that are applied doesn't apply to
> the new version.
> I'm sending this here since the port doesn't have a maintainer.
> I'm new to the FreeBSD port system (but not to patching and Makefiles
> iin general) so it would probably be best if someone else took care of
> this, however, if no one is willing to I'll go read up on the port
> system and fix it myself, and submit the changes here.
> Please CC any replies you send to the list to me, since I'm not subscribed.
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