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Aren Olvalde Tyr aren.tyr at gawab.com
Mon May 1 08:01:59 UTC 2006

On Saturday 29 April 2006 23:01, Chris Maness wrote:

> apps by hand with no ill results for a while.  The only time igot into
> trouble was after I synced the whole tree and tried only upgrading some
> of the apps.  It just seems like re-compiling every application every
> time portaudit finds a security hole is a waste of processor time.

If you don't wish to be regularly recompiling applications, why not simply 
stick to pkg_add and use pre-built binary packages? You can download these 
directly off the FreeBSD ports website/mirror, or use sysinstall to connect 
to a FreeBSD FTP server and install them that way.

Binary packages exist for most, if not all, ports on the tree.

Whilst I normally always build from source off the ports tree, there is the 
odd occasion when I will install a binary package instead (e.g. cvsup, which 
is simply a 1.2MB package download, as opposed to a build which has a 10MB 
source package dependency).


PS. Yes OpenOffice is a demanding beast to build. KDE was even worse, I had to 
build it all over several days on my mere 1.3Ghz system. Very much worth it 
though. :) Kudos to everyone involved with these ports, both built absolutely 
flawlessly for me on my 6-STABLE system. Looking forward to the GNOME 2.14 
port, since the xkblayout switching is broken in 2.12 (known problem).
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