Force Package Register for linux_base-rh-9

Jeff Cross jeff.cross at
Fri Mar 31 20:20:41 UTC 2006

Josh Tolbert wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 31, 2006 at 01:47:39PM -0600, Jeff Cross wrote:
>> I would like to install linux_base-rh-9 on my machine but have the
>> linux_base port installed since it is installed at installation by
>> sysinstall.  Is it possible to force linux_base-rh-9 to install w/o
>> deinstalling linux_base and all of the packages that depend on it?  Can
>> I force linux_base to deinstall, leave all packages that require it, and
>> then install the RH9 emulation w/o any issues?
>> Thanks in advance!
>> Jeff Cross
> Hi Jeff,
> Check out portupgrade. The -o flag will let you portupgrade something to a
> different port/package. It's very useful for doing exactly what you're trying
> to do.
> Thanks,
> Josh

Thanks for the quick response, Josh. I didn't know about the -o option,
but looking at your web site, you seem to be the -o go-to-guy!

I'm trying the swap process from linux_base to linux_base-rh-9 on a test
box, and if all goes well, I will repeat on my laptop!

Thanks again!

Jeff Cross

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