Port install failure with pkg_add...

kironsky at grisoft.cz kironsky at grisoft.cz
Thu Mar 30 19:18:28 UTC 2006


I hope, I choose the right mailing-list. I have a problem installing the 
openoffice.org port prom packages-7-current/Latest. I run pkg_add -r 
openoffice.org and get the following error: 

Cannot restore extended attributes in this system: Inappropriate file type 
or format 

I get the same error, if I want to compile the openoffice port from the 
sources. It gets to gcc-ooo and then I get this error while installing 
sysutils.h. I have FreeBSD-current, i downloaded the whole /usr/src dir from 
the cvs and recompiled kernel and world 2 weeks ago. I'm not sure if this is 
the result of a bad tar version. Other ports like wine or ORBit build 
without any problem, but I did'nt try installing them from packages. Would 
really appreciate some help. If this is not the right mailing list, then I 
apologies and please redirect me to the right list. Thank you, 

Elod Kironsky

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