gamin opens too many files

Alex Dupre ale at
Wed Mar 29 06:21:51 UTC 2006

David Syphers wrote:
> I recently was getting messages about maxing out the number of open files on 
> my system, and discovered that gam_server has gone crazy. Right after 
> booting, opening KDE, I have nearly 2600 open files on my computer, and 2200 
> of those are opened by gam_server, according to fstat. And clearly that 
> number can go up to nearly 8000, as I've got kern.maxfiles at 8136.

That's absolutely normal for KDE. It will monitor many directories
(/etc, your home, your desktop, some share dirs), so you have to
increase the kern.maxfiles parameter as suggested by gamin's pkg-message.

Alex Dupre

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