Local Patch Hierarchy

Douglas K. Rand rand at meridian-enviro.com
Wed Mar 29 01:30:51 UTC 2006

Doug> First off, I was wondering if there is a method that I just
Doug> missed that will already accomplish this, or something near
Doug> this. And if not, does anybody think it is a good idea.

Shaun> Well, you can put your local patches inside the 'files'
Shaun> directory of individual ports, and bsd.port.mk will apply them
Shaun> along with the other patches. If you use cvsup to update your
Shaun> ports, the additional patches won't be touched when you update.

It would seem that I needed to read the cvsup manpage more closely
than I did.  I had always assumed that the "delete" keyword would
delete any extraneous files, but clearly it doesn't:

manual> In general, CVSup deletes only files which are known to the
manual> server.  Extra files present in the client's tree are left
manual> alone, even in exact mode. 

Shaun> I think this is generally the accepted way of doing what you
Shaun> want.

And if I pick decent names for my local patches they won't conflict
with future patches and will be applied in a predictable manner.

Thanks for the tip.

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