FreeBSD Port: drupal-4.6.6_2006031700

Geoff Glasson g_glasson at
Sun Mar 26 10:03:04 UTC 2006


I'm trying to create a port for Drupal's Import HTML module and have got it 
mostly done.  I have been using the drupal-textile port as a guide.

The Drupal best practices for file and directory management suggest that user 
installed modules be installed in a sub-directory of the modules directory 
(see, however the drupal-textile port drops the 
textile.module file into the Drupal modules directory.  Why have you chosen 
to do it this way?  

The reason that I ask is that it seems to me that the Drupal modules directory 
will get awfully full of files and runs the risk of two modules installing 
files of the same name over each other.  (I have a simple patch to that will automatically install Drupal modules in their own 
subdirectory -  it deletes the contents of the directory but not the 
directory itself when the port is uninstalled).

I have a couple more Drupal modules that I'd like to get into the ports 
system.  Should I submit the patch or just drop everything in the Drupal 
modules directory?  Could you please let me know how you'd like me to 


Geoff Glasson
g_glasson at
MSN: g_glasson at

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