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Geoffroy Desvernay dgeo at
Thu Mar 23 13:06:29 UTC 2006


I'm installing horde for my University under FreeBSD, and there are =20
some things that may/should be changed (in my opinion):

1. when 'portupgrading' horde, old configuration is saves as =20
'.previous': ok, but default configuration is installed as 'conf.php', =20
allowing the first client to be logged as administrator and change =20
whole config ! (Horde seems to handle well configuration upgrades =20
without erasing old config... why erasing it ?)

=3D> I think the port SHOULD NOT install conf.php unless it doesn't exist.

2. Form Makefile:
The whole horde directory doesn't have to be writeable by www, read =20
access is suffisant. I think it should remain root's and only =20
config/conf.php should be writeable by www (I still wouldn't be =20
chocked if port wouldn't chown at all, and just advertise about it, =20
since many items still needs to be edited by hand.

Hope my english is not as bad so you can read me :)

Thanks a lot for this *really usefull* package.

Geoffroy Desvernay.
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