Björn König bkoenig at cs.tu-berlin.de
Wed Mar 22 07:21:41 UTC 2006

Benjamin Lutz schrieb:

> Section, Syntax of the Porter's Handbook says:
> | OPTIONS definition must appear before the inclusion of bsd.port.pre.mk. The
> | WITH_* and WITHOUT_* variables can only be tested after the inclusion of
> | bsd.port.pre.mk. Due to a deficiency in the infrastructure, you can only
> | test WITH_* variables for options, which are OFF by default, and WITHOUT_*
> | variables for options, which defaults to ON.   
> However I noticed that for variables that default to on, a WITH_* variable is 
> defined. [...]

I'm not quite sure if I understand you correctly. The handbook talking 
about *options* that default to on, not variables. It means if you have 
a super-duper feature that is turned ON by default then you may have a 
WITHOUT_SUPERDUPER switch that turns it OFF ... and the other way 
around: there is a useless feature that might be turned OFF by default 
then you probably have a WITH_USELESSFEATURE switch that turns it ON. :-)


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