dealing with local ports?

Fernan Aguero fernan at
Tue Mar 21 18:33:03 UTC 2006


I've got a number of ports that I use locally and that are
not in the ports collection. this is for a number of
different reasons: some are licensed software, some are
meta-ports to ease the setup of our FreeBSD boxes, some are
ports that just install data (huge downloads), etc.

I'm wondering what other people do to manage
out-of-the-ports-tree stuff? 

I already keep local versions of ports I maintain in
~/freebsd/ports and this works fine. But I use this just for
testing ports before submission, so I don't get problems
like 'missing origin' or other pkgdb/INDEX related issues.

I remember vaguely a message posted a while ago (that I'm
not being able to find again) about a set up adding 'local'
to the list of valid CATEGORIES (/usr/ports/local). Anyone
knows about it or is doing something similar?



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