gnucash error

Volker Stolz vs at
Tue Mar 21 15:17:59 UTC 2006

* Joao Borges <joao_francisco_borges at>:
> I just compiled the port gnucash-1.8.12 and I am
> having the following problem whenever I try to execute
> the gnucash:
> #gnucash
> ERROR: Unbound variable: with-load-pathname
> It seems is some kind of error on main script for
> guile or something like that (I followed the execution
> script).
> Can you tell me what I have to do in order to startup
> gnucash?

You most probaly have mixed different version of slib and slib-guile.
The latter is BROKEN at the moment. If you really want to go that route,
you'd need to find matching binary packages for slib and slib-guile
somewhere and *then* build gnucash, I guess.

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