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Tue Mar 21 15:08:45 UTC 2006

On Tue, 21 Mar 2006 15:37:05 +0100
Benjamin Lutz <benlutz at datacomm.ch> wrote:

> Hello,
> Section, Syntax of the Porter's Handbook says:
> | OPTIONS definition must appear before the inclusion of bsd.port.pre.mk. The
> | WITH_* and WITHOUT_* variables can only be tested after the inclusion of
> | bsd.port.pre.mk. Due to a deficiency in the infrastructure, you can only
> | test WITH_* variables for options, which are OFF by default, and WITHOUT_*
> | variables for options, which defaults to ON.   
> However I noticed that for variables that default to on, a WITH_* variable is 
> defined. In fact the corresponding comment in bsd.port.mk does not mention 
> WITHOUT_* at all. And looking at the actual OPTIONS parsing code in 
> bsd.port.mk, starting at line 1135 of the current revision, I notice that it 
> seems to be exactly the other way round than described in the Porter's 
> Handbook (although I'm not sure I'm reading that correctly).

Yes, this is a stale information; ignore it, you can test for any
combination of WITH_* and WIHTOUT_*

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