lang/gcc41 - linking issues

Gerald Pfeifer gerald at
Mon Mar 20 14:24:22 UTC 2006

On Mon, 20 Mar 2006, Dirk Meyer wrote:
> This happens even with gcc3x when you build "SHARED"
> I will update gcc32 after some more testing.

IMnsHO opionion this indicates a major deficiency of the FreeBSD
ports infrastructure.

Hacking each and every port like this, when we already *have* the
needed information in the individual ports doesn't seem a good approach.

That said, I do not disagree with your patch.  In fact since I'm on the 
road with somewhat limited access to my FreeBSD machine I would appreciate 
if you could make similar changes to lang/gcc{33,34,40,41,42} -- the first 
two I have updates pending and tested which I'll commit shortly.)

I just think the FreeBSD Ports Collection should solve this in a better


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