Tomcat 5.5 port still broken ...

Kang Liu liukang at
Sun Mar 19 05:51:14 UTC 2006

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> From: Marc G. Fournier [mailto:scrappy at]
> Sent: Sunday, March 19, 2006 3:17 AM
> To: liukang at
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> Subject: Tomcat 5.5 port still broken ...
> # tail stderr.log
> daemon: illegal option -- p
> usage: daemon [-cf] command arguments ...

Hi, I think you are using an old version "daemon", which do not support
"-p". Could you please provide the output of "uname -a"? If you want to run
tomcat55 on your system, you can hack the rc files (I'll provide the patch
later) or upgrade your system to the latest stable.


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