gnomemeeting 1.2.1 port needs a helping hand / testers

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Fri Mar 17 21:30:51 UTC 2006


I have a patch to update gnomemeeting to 1.2.1.

This depends upon a recent pwlib port (1.9.2_4).

I had to disable the fakeio plugin (see files/patch-src_vfakeio.h)
because of an API change in the pwlib port. Since I don't have a bktr
card, there's no usable video plugin after disabling the fakeio plugin
and gnomemeeting exits (it complains about a missing audio plugin, but
this is a misleading message).

Now I need someone who
 - has a bktr card and can test gnomemeeting (I don't know it it is
   able to work with the current pwlib/openh323 ports or not)
 - fixes the fakeio plugin

I can't do the bktr test, and I don't have time to fix the fakeio
plugin, so if you want to see an updated gnomemeeting port committed,
you have to help.


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