Getting distfiles for entire tree

Scot Hetzel swhetzel at
Fri Mar 17 18:10:26 UTC 2006

On 3/16/06, Vadim Goncharov <vadim_nuclight at> wrote:
> Hello freebsd-ports,
> I need to maintain a local distfiles mirror (all N-ty gigabytes) for
> almost entire ports tree (some lang categories excluded). Also, I have
> limited access to Internet - not all distfiles could be fetched (however
> eventually they'll do). So, as I can't use plain ``cd /usr/ports && make
> fetch'', I've made a script, which, for speeding up, fetches each category
> in parallel.

> But then some anothe shit happened - system began to build and install
> packages without checking if they were actually installed, e.g. it made
> mess installing expat2 over expat-1.95 (I had to deal with it manually
> later), so I was forced to interrupt the script.
> So, what happened (why it began to install, why errors?) and how should
> I create local distfiles mirror ?

'make fetch' on a port, checks if a depending port is installed.  If
that port is not installed, then it will fetch the sources and install
the depending port.

You could give 'make fetch-recursive' a try, as this will fetch the
ports distfiles and all the ports dependencies distfiles as well, if

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