How to deal with large number of patches in a port?

James O'Gorman james at
Thu Mar 16 21:10:15 UTC 2006


I'm about to update a port I maintain (sysutils/boxbackup), but due to 
the upstream software not currently being PREFIX-clean, I have a large 
number of patches (29 patches in total) I need to apply to the source 
tree. The majority of them are fairly small (just a few lines), but some 
of them are a bit larger.

I've discussed this with the software developers and the patches have 
already gone into the development tree, but until another release comes 
out I need to patch this release in the port.

I just wanted to check how I should handle this, before I submit the PR. 
Should I add these files to the port directly (i.e. create a directory 
files/patches and put the patches in there, setting PATCHDIR to 
${FILESDIR}/patches), or should I put these on a webserver and set 



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