RFC: New firmware ports for ipw(4) and iwi(4)

Florent Thoumie flz at xbsd.org
Thu Mar 16 12:24:49 UTC 2006

Those of you following HEAD and RELENG_6 may have been experiencing
problems with ipw(4) and iwi(4) drivers lately because it could load
firmwares correctly, even if you installed net/ipw-firmware or

If you had a look at recent changes, sam and max (heh) have been working
on a firmware framework. Support has been added to HEAD/RELENG_6 some
weeks ago. Recently damien committed changes to ipw(4) and iwi(4) to
support firmware(9).

These two ports are creating and installing kernel modules from intel

I only checked that everything compiled and installed fine, I can't try
it due to a lack of decent internet connection at home. I'm planning to
commit them within two days. Probably tomorrow or this afternoon if I
get successful reports.

If you're using ipw(4) and iwi(4) on a fresh FreeBSD system, please give
it a try and follow-up.


Since it may take some time before the distfiles hit mirrors, you can
grab them here:


Florent Thoumie
flz at FreeBSD.org
FreeBSD Committer

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