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Thu Mar 16 11:21:31 UTC 2006

[LoN]Kamikaze <LoN_Kamikaze at> 2006-03-16:
> I have submitted the following PR a couple of days ago. [...] No
> commiter has stepped forward to take care of the matter. Thus I'm now
> sending the patches to the mailing list in hope that somebody might
> step up to commit them.

Since the ports tree was frozen until yesterday, there are lots of open
PRs waiting for a committer.  Patience seems like the best option you
have right now.

On a sidenote, following the recommendations in the Porters Handbook
increases the chance of a committer taking care of your PR.  In
particular, you should append a single recursive unified diff of the
port to the PR, possibly compressed and uuencoded if > 20k (see the
Upgrading section for details).


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