Port of vqadmin looking for vpopmail in the wrong place

Frank Laszlo laszlof at vonostingroup.com
Tue Mar 14 19:42:06 UTC 2006

Alex Dupre wrote:
> Valerio daelli wrote:
>> This port was looking for vpopmail in the wrong place: it searched
>> ${LOCALBASE}/vpopmail/lib/libvpopmail.a
>> while vpopmail now is in
>>  /usr/home/vpopmail/lib/libvpopmail.a
> vpopmail by default will install itself in ${PREFIX}/vpopmail, which in
> usual case means /usr/local/vpopmail. If you uncomment (or override) the
> PREFIX variable in the vpopmail makefile, then it will install into
> /home/vpopmail.
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Shouldn't the BUILD_DEPENDS and RUN_DEPENDS be looking in
${PREFIX}/vpopmail/lib/libvpopmail.a rather than
${LOCALBASE}/vpopmail/lib/libvpopmail.a? This seems like it would solve
the issue. Otherwise one would have to hack the Makefile in order to get
vqadmin to work with a non-standard PREFIX.

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