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On Sun, 12 Mar 2006 11:19:23 -0600, Makoto Matsushita  
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>> I made threaded ruby the default, because the Gtk+/GNOME bindings for
>> Ruby rely on it being threaded.  There are some rather nice apps using
>> those libraries...

But, all they need are ${PTHREAD_LIBS} and it will working w/out enable  
thread. The ruby-gtk2/ruby-gnome2 aren't alone, it also for ruby-opengl,  
ruby-sdl, ruby-wx and etc.

> Reasonable, so we have to make lang/ruby18 ports to two ports -- one is  
> for
> pthread ruby and another is non-pthreaded ruby.  Both ports must be  
> installed
> to the same system without any conflicts.  Any volunteers, or we have to  
> wait
> until my superman, nork-san has a free time to do that? :-)

No thanks, we used to have ruby18 and ruby18_r, and it was messy and  
headache. I am the one that suggested to remove and everything was solved  
by using ${PTHREAD_LIBS} with disable pthread. I would like to see we go  
back to same way what lofi and I did with ruby before.

> We have another problems here; what is the default ruby, pthreaded or
> non-phtreaded.  My vote goes to non-pthreaded, since "default to  
> pthreaded"
> may slow for users who doesn't require pthread.

Hopeful either Ruby 1.9 or Ruby 2 will solving all of issues with new  
thread stuff.


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