Ruby oddity (pthreads)

Makoto Matsushita matusita at
Sun Mar 12 16:57:34 UTC 2006

No matter we like it or not, ruby(1) is one of the first priority tools for
FreeBSD users -- its ports should be stable as much as possible.

I've heard from my colleague that dtcps(8) (DTCP server) has affected by this
problem you mentioned.  Other problems may coming... so

> I would like to see ports/lang/ruby18 will be built without pthreads
> support by default.

Seconded.  Since this ports MAINTAINER is ports at, if there's no
applications that requires pthreaded ruby, turn off by default (and on if
required) would be enough.

BTW, didn't you see any problems, pav?

Makoto `MAR' Matsushita

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