portsupgrade cvsup refuse file aware?

Aluminium Oxide orac000 at internet-mail.org
Sat Mar 11 05:24:23 UTC 2006

Currently, proper use of portsupgrade relies on currency of pkgdb. pkgdb
does not work without a complete ports tree. A complete ports tree is
often much larger than a locale-specific installation requires, or is
maintained, confined by the use of cvsup refuse files. This is a bit of
a catch 22.

How much better would it be, if pkgdb had a flag to permit the parsing
of the refuse file, and honouring the ports tree resulting from cvsup as
produced by it?

Can we do this?

What say ye all?

(b.t.w., I'm not on the list so kindly Cc me on any correspondance with
this thread please.)

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