make index failing on chinese/acroread5-chsfont

Dave Symonds dsymonds at
Fri Mar 10 02:58:03 UTC 2006

> > I don't think Mr. Symonds "did anything to have it there".  It's on
> > all of our system as well, and is not being deleted via cvsup.  I
> > believe this is normal behaviour (for cvsup).
> It was removed 3 weeks ago, so the only way cvsup will not delete it
> is if you either direct it not to delete files, or if you initially
> installed your ports tree from some other non-cvsup method (e.g. from
> sysinstall), and then neglected to 'adopt' it the first time you ran
> cvsup (per the faq on

This was a cvsup mirror with a fresh fetch (2nd Feb 2006,, updated each morning. I can't see how I'm
supposed to "adopt" it as the FAQ says. Can you be more explicit on
how I'm supposed to fix it up now, properly?


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