qmail config question

mario mario at schmut.com
Wed Mar 8 06:31:19 UTC 2006

i'm in the process of installing qmail on release 6.0. I've been running
qmail for years on 4-stable and enjoy not having to mock with it. As i'm
installing it, i'm presented with these options.

[ ] QMAILQUEUE_PATCH       run a QMAILQUEUE program
[ ] BIG_TODO_PATCH         enable big_todo qmail patch
[ ] BIG_CONCURRENCY_PATCH  use a concurrency greater than 240
[ ] OUTGOINGIP_PATCH       set the IP address to send messages
[ ] LOCALTIME_PATCH        emit dates in the local timezone
[ ] QMTPC_PATCH            send email using qmtp protocol
[ ] MAILDIRQUOTA_PATCH     Maildir++ support
[ ] BLOCKEXEC_PATCH        block many windows viruses/worms
[ ] DISCBOUNCES_PATCH      discard double-bounces
[ ] SPF_PATCH              Implement SPF checker
[X] RCDLINK                create rc.d/qmail.sh

I've googled for things like BIG_TODO_PATCH or OUTGOINGIP_PATCH but
couldn't find anything other than the makefile that i've already looked
at. While some of these are fairly self explanatory others elude me a bit.
Are these documented anywhere?

Thanks in advance.


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