FreeBSD Port: base-1.2.2

Jacob, Raymond A Jr raymond.jacob at
Sat Mar 4 11:58:37 PST 2006

I installed the base port after running  cvsup  -g -L2 on standard-supfile and port-supfile files
and installing perl.5.8.x and PCRE, apache_modssl, mysql_server from ports.
After the install I found I had to: 
1. install php4-session and  php4-mysql from ports; 
2. In order to display graphics I used the hint from
that required a modification to the file php.ini.
I did a find / -name 'php.ini*'; cd to the directory with the file php.ini-dist and copied php.ini-dist to php.ini.
In the file, php.ini, I found the line include_path=".:/php/inludes"
and appended ":/usr/local/share/pear" to that line.  The line now is

I then restarted httpd with apachect restart. Everything works now.

thank you,
Raymond Jacob

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