Native sunbird issues.... (deskutils/sunbird)

Raaf freebsd at
Fri Mar 3 12:27:39 PST 2006

Eric Schuele wrote:
> I posted this to questions@ the other day... thought I'd try here too.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Hello,
> Anyone using the deskutils/sunbird (not deskutils/linux-sunbird)?
> I had been using the linux-sunbird for some time (probably because I
> could never get the native port to run, don't remember), but I recently
> used the libtool+gtk issues I was experiencing as an excuse to try out
> my "rebuild my machine quickly scripts".... and decided to install
> deskutils/sunbird instead.
> In any case.  The native port does not seem to run for me, and I was
> wondering if anyone was using it successfully, and if they had any
> hurdles to overcome in getting it working.
> I did the normal "make install clean" in the appropriate dir (everything
> went well).  Running it for the first time, I see the process in top,
> and it writes a bit to the console, but then exits.  All subsequent
> attempts to run it result in the following at the console:
>    Starting calendar alarm service
>    error creating table cal_calendars -- probably already exists
>    error creating table cal_calendars_prefs -- probably already exists
>    observer added
>    observer removed
> and the process exits.  FWIW, I seem to recall seeing the above at the
> console even with a working deskutils/linux-sunbird.
> Using RELENG_6 as of yesterday.
> Any ideas?  Any more information needed?

I got it working but i don't remember exactly how, i think all you
have to do is to run it as root once.

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