gtk lib rename.

Marco van de Voort marcov at
Thu Mar 2 12:28:16 PST 2006

> Marco van de Voort wrote:
> Notice the name of the gtk 1.2.x libraries on other systems, such as
> Linux and NetBSD?
> That's right:
>     libgtk-1.2.*

Correct. That's why I had to IFDEF it. Which was work. Now I have to undef
it _and_ keep it in a workable state for both old and new installations.
Somehow I prefer the original ifdef :-)
> The USE_GNOME= gtk12 macro (the canonical method of bringing in gtk12
> support to a port) was updated accordingly, and the installed pkgconfig
> files from gtk12 also were (automatically) changed to do the right
> thing, as can be shown by the fact that both gtk12, and all ports that
> depend on it which are not otherwise broken, have built on the package
> building clusters which are gearing up for 5.5-RELEASE/6.1-RELEASE

The particular port I'm talking about _generates_ gtk 1.2 apps, that's why
it isn't broken, or marked as using gtk12. This because then the port would
have to have dependancies to each library it merely contains headers for.
(which is about three dozen or more).

I think I'll have to update the compiler to parse pkgconfig files. However I
hesitate, since that makes the whole system a lot less transparent for the

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