For those who still cannot compile gnomedb, gal, gtkhtml on FBSD 4.11 i386

Robert English drakcap at
Thu Mar 2 11:06:59 PST 2006

See comments below.

--- Jeremy Messenger <mezz7 at> wrote:

> > For anyone who is going to follow this advice, we won't
> support your  
> > problem. Therefore, do not use this as solution. The
> solution is already  
> > in the freebsd-ports as you need to rebuild all of gnomedb's
> > dependencies or rebuild all apps.
> or rebuild all apps that depend on glib12 might work.

That last bit is good info, thanks.

According to the "pkg-plist", that particular port
(devel/glib12) directly accounts for the last two of the four
files I'd made links for, and "x11-toolkits/gtk12" accounts for
the first two.

As I understand it, all that has to happen is for the newer
Libtool configuration to revise all of its relevant library
information.  Once that's done, it's done and no artificial
links will be necessary.

The links I made were a crude shortcut to the process, and maybe
I should not have posted with it, but for the record it does

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