For those who still cannot compile gnomedb, gal, gtkhtml on FBSD 4.11 i386

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Thu Mar 2 10:27:02 PST 2006

On Thu, 02 Mar 2006 12:17:21 -0600, Robert English <drakcap at>  

> I have found at least a temporary solution that works for me (on
> FreeBSD 4.11, compiled Jan 11 '06 on i386 platform).
> Preamble: after surfing through Google and finding the very
> helpful post about altering the Makefiles to put dashes in the
> names (Gregor Stucke on 26 February), I got "gnomeprint" to
> compile successfully after altering each appearance of "lgtk12"
> to read "lgtk-12", "lgdk12" to "lgdk-12", "lgmodule12" to
> "lgodule-12", and "lglib12" to lglib-12".  "Gnomedb" did not
> respond to that: there were nearly 20 files that had "lgtk12" in
> them, and the program still did not compile after changing all
> of the appearances.
> Solution: going to "usr/X11R6/lib" first, I made two temporary
> soft-links:
> ln -s
> ln -s libgdk12.s0

For anyone who is going to follow this advice, we won't support your  
problem. Therefore, do not use this as solution. The solution is already  
in the freebsd-ports as you need to rebuild all of gnomedb's dependencies  
or rebuild all apps.


> Rehashing after that, I went to "usr/local/lib" and made two
> more temporary soft-links:
> ln -s
> ln -s
> I rehashed again, then resumed the "make" process in GnomeDB.
> Sure enough,the program compiled and installed happily.  "Gal"
> just finished also, compiled and installed cleanly, and I'll be
> starting "Gtkhtml" next as I write this.  After that, the whole
> update process will be finished.
> Caveat: If anyone knows of potential troubles arising from these
> links, please post.  I do know one thing already: these
> soft-links won't be removed by any automatic script that I know
> of, so in the event that these libraries are updated these links
> will give me trouble if I don't remove them myself.  Small price
> to pay for having a completely updated system.
> I'm posting this here in case others are having the same trouble
> with these last few remaining ports after what was otherwise a
> smooth and hassle-free updating process.

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