For those who still cannot compile gnomedb, gal, gtkhtml on FBSD 4.11 i386

Robert English drakcap at
Thu Mar 2 10:17:23 PST 2006

I have found at least a temporary solution that works for me (on
FreeBSD 4.11, compiled Jan 11 '06 on i386 platform).

Preamble: after surfing through Google and finding the very
helpful post about altering the Makefiles to put dashes in the
names (Gregor Stucke on 26 February), I got "gnomeprint" to
compile successfully after altering each appearance of "lgtk12"
to read "lgtk-12", "lgdk12" to "lgdk-12", "lgmodule12" to
"lgodule-12", and "lglib12" to lglib-12".  "Gnomedb" did not
respond to that: there were nearly 20 files that had "lgtk12" in
them, and the program still did not compile after changing all
of the appearances.

Solution: going to "usr/X11R6/lib" first, I made two temporary

ln -s
ln -s libgdk12.s0

Rehashing after that, I went to "usr/local/lib" and made two
more temporary soft-links:

ln -s
ln -s

I rehashed again, then resumed the "make" process in GnomeDB. 
Sure enough,the program compiled and installed happily.  "Gal"
just finished also, compiled and installed cleanly, and I'll be
starting "Gtkhtml" next as I write this.  After that, the whole
update process will be finished.

Caveat: If anyone knows of potential troubles arising from these
links, please post.  I do know one thing already: these
soft-links won't be removed by any automatic script that I know
of, so in the event that these libraries are updated these links
will give me trouble if I don't remove them myself.  Small price
to pay for having a completely updated system.

I'm posting this here in case others are having the same trouble
with these last few remaining ports after what was otherwise a
smooth and hassle-free updating process.

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