FreeBSD Port: mpack-1.6

Paul Schmehl pauls at
Wed Mar 1 11:27:26 PST 2006

--On Wednesday, March 01, 2006 22:21:35 +0300 Boris Samorodov <bsam at> 
>> >
>> I've already incorporated that patch in to the other one and deleted
>> it, but that doesn't fix this bug.
> Hm:
> -----
># uname -a
> 28 22:21:02 MSK 2006     bsam at
> i386
># cd /usr/ports/converters/mpack
># rm files/patch-unixpk_c
> (Makefile,v 1.18)
># make
> ...
># cd work/mpack-1.6
># mkdir /usr/tmp
># ./mpack -s "test" Makefile bsam at
> -----
> That's it. With that patch I've got "File exists" error.
> Double check you additional patches?
Again, all the patches do is change a hard-coded path for TMPDIR from 
"/usr/tmp" to "/tmp".  They don't change anything else.  The program, bulit 
from source, fails with a "File or directory not found" error because the 
hard-coded path, "/usr/tmp", does not exist.  When you fix *that* problem 
(by applying my patches), you get a different error, "File already exists", 
in the same place in the code.

There's a bug in the program that is not allowing the program to open a 
file in "/tmp" and write to it, then complete its work and exit 

My problem is, I'm not a programmer, and my C skills are not that good, so 
I'm having problems figuring out what's causing the error (other than the 
fact that I know it creates the file, and then, when it tries to write to 
it, complains that the file already exists (which seems kind of silly to 

There's not a problem with my patches, AFAICT, there's a problem with the 
program.  If there's any programmers on this list, who have the time, I 
could use some help tracking this down.  I emailed the developers, but I 
don't know if they'll get back to me or not.

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