converters/mpack doesn't apply the patch properly

Paul Schmehl pauls at
Wed Mar 1 10:14:47 PST 2006

--On Wednesday, March 01, 2006 22:02:33 +0400 Vahan Yerkanian 
<vahan at> wrote:

> 1.6 is the latest if you update your ports collection via cvsup or
> portsnap. If you look into files directory, there are patches that are
> supposed to change /usr/tmp into /tmp, but they don't seem working.
The patches are working fine.  The program has a bug in it.

If you want to verify that, remove all the patches.  Now, instead of a 
"File already exists" error, you'll get a "File or directory not found" 
error.  That's because the program is trying to write to /usr/tmp, which 
does not exist.  The patches change that to /tmp, which changes the nature 
of the error but not the fact that there is one.

I've notified the developers, and I'm sorting through the code myself, but 
until this bug is found and fixed, the "sendmail" function of mpack will 
not work correctly.  AFAIK, everything else works fine.  (Please let me 
know if that is not the case.)

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