PHP 5.1.4 w/ mysqli dumps core - SOLVED?

Rob Szarka szlists at
Fri Jun 30 02:50:17 UTC 2006

At 09:51 PM 6/29/2006, Mike Jakubik wrote:
>>The CLI version of PHP dumps core when run with the mysqli 
>>extension enabled. Similarly, Apache crashes when being restarted 
>>with PHP and the mysqli extension (not loading the PHP modile or 
>>not enabling mysqli fixes the problem). Haven't tested the CGI version.
>>Here are the relevant versions in my installation:
>>PHP 5.1.4
>>FreeBSD 6.0-RELEASE #0
>>Apache 2.2
>>Is this a known issue? (And, if so, is there a known fix?) I'm 
>>pretty new to using the ports collection (vs. doing the tarball 
>>thing), so I'm not sure if there's some place in particular I 
>>should be looking for and/or making a bug report on this issue, 
>>outside of the more general PHP bug database.
>And what version of MySQL do you have installed? I have the exact as 
>above, plus FreeBSD 6.1 and MySQL 5.0.22 running just fine on 
>several production machines.

MySQL is 5.1.11

I did just "solve" the problem. Having read , 
which notes a similar problem with the php5-mysql (not mysqli) 
extension, I did a "make && make deinstall && make reinstall" on 
first net/php5-sockets and then

PHP no longer dumps core. I have no insight as to what this 
fixed--totally cargo cult configuration on my part. So, maybe this is 
still an issue with the port that demands attention. (If it was 
something I did, it would at least be good to know what, so I don't 
do it again... ;)

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