FreeBSD Ports: devel/m17n-lib and devel/m17n-db

Dan Reinholz xaenn at
Fri Jun 30 01:46:28 UTC 2006

Both of these ports are on version 1.3.0. However, an
updated version 1.3.3 is available for both of them.
Simply modifying the version number in the port
(pointing the Makefile to the updated source) is
sufficient to get them to build. Is this an update
somebody can make? I suppose m17n-docs could be
updated as well...

uim-m17nlib is marked as ignore because it requires
1.3.1 or later for m17n-lib. However, upon building
these two ports for version 1.3.3, uim-m17nlib builds
and works flawlessly. 

If anybody is interested in making this fix I would
greatly appreciate it.


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