FreeBSD Port: pop3proxy-1.2

Stefan Bletsch SB at
Thu Jun 29 07:52:23 UTC 2006


Here are the traces of ethereal.
Pop3-User : m35430440-41
Please handle the userdatas confidential.

In the trace-log proxy_to_pop3server you can see that there is an
checksum error from the proxy to the server when he sent the delete
signal. Maybe this is the reason, that the server won't delete the
emails. In every message from the proxy to server via pop protocoll is a
checksum error.

Thanks for your help.


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> Our Outlook connects over a pop3proxy to the pop3-account at 1&
> When it receives the emails it should delete them on the server, but 
> that didn't happen. We have to delete the emails manually. Thats our 
> problem.

Strange. Can you send me some ethereal traces from the connection before
the pop3proxy and after the pop3proxy ?


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