jdk15 mozilla install problems

Stefan Walter sw at gegenunendlich.de
Wed Jun 28 06:31:58 UTC 2006

Bo Briggs, 28.06.06, 05:16h CEST:

> Sorry to reply to my own post, but if I make -DWITHOUT_WEB, it is
> building without error (not finished yet, but I'm crossing fingers).
> However, I would like to have the plugin sometime in the future. So if
> anyone has a suggestion, I would appreciate it.

I assume your problems are with the java/jdk15 ports. See the
java/diablo-jdk15 port and/or [1] for one that should work - including the
browser plugin.


[1]: http://www.freebsdfoundation.org/downloads/java.shtml 
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