New version of portmaster available for testing

Hans Lambermont hans at
Mon Jun 26 11:50:57 UTC 2006

Doug Barton wrote:

> What would you think about something like this?

That shows the info I'm interested in :) Perhaps it can be improved
slightly by having the 'new version' output on the same line ? So
instead of :

    ===>>> New version available:
===>>> fetchmail-6.3.2_1
    ===>>> New version available: fetchmail-6.3.4_3

Something like :

===>>> update available:
===>>> fetchmail-6.3.2_1 update available: fetchmail-6.3.4_3

And perhaps add < > like 'pkg_version -v' :  <  needs updating (port has 2.0.3rc6)
fetchmail-6.3.2_1           <  needs updating (port has 6.3.4_3)

Also in list mode, the '===>>> ' seems unnecessary to me.

>>  |           \--- 86809 root [dialog]
>> # kill 21889 86809
>> ## what was going on here ? Daemonized distfile fetching perhaps ?
> Yes. The configure.kde3 script uses dialog, even in the make checksum
> target. That is, um, weird; although I do see why they do it that way.
> I'm really not sure how to handle this, so if anyone has a suggestion
> ...

Uhmpf, not yet (apart from uglyness ;-)
What is the reasoning by the kde team ?

>> # Adobe Reader
>> Please type "accept" to accept the terms and conditions of license agreement; Type "decline" to exit.
>> # accept
>> ## Is there some way to handle this upfront like config ? This halted my
>> ## build run for hours :-(
> No, sorry. Things that happen during the port make/install process
> that are interactive can't be front loaded. However, I will add a
> check to the dependency tracking and build to warn if IS_INTERACTIVE
> is set anywhere.

That would help, but only if it is possible to split a big upgrade set
into parts, so that the interactive ones can be isolated.

>> Can I skip somehow for 'portmaster -GavD' ?
> Adding a list of ports to ignore is on the TODO list. Several people
> have requested this, but so far no one has sent me an example of how
> portupgrade flags this.

Here's a port of my pkgtools.conf about HOLD_PKGS :

  # HOLD_PKGS: array
  # This is a list of ports you don't want portupgrade(1) to upgrade,
  # portversion(1) to suggest upgrading, or pkgdb(1) to fix.
  # You can use wildcards ("ports glob" and "pkgname glob").
  # -f/--force with each command will override the held status.
  # To completely hide the existence of a package, put a dummy file
  # named "+IGNOREME" in the package directory.
  # cf. pkg_glob(1), ports_glob(1)
  # e.g.:
  #   HOLD_PKGS = [
  #     'bsdpan-*',
  #     'x11*/XFree86*',
  #   ]

#    'perl-*',

Is this what you needed ?

   Hans Lambermont

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