cups-base build error

Doug Barton dougb at
Mon Jun 26 05:19:56 UTC 2006

Olivier Certner wrote:
> 	I've also seen that 12 hours ago. My ports tree was a few weeks old. I then 
> cvsuped the ports tree, uninstalled cups-base and cups-lpr, that seemed to 
> come from the same origin (reported by pkgdb -Fu) which I felt was quite odd. 
> I finally recompiled cups-base (with php interfacing still) and all went OK.

I had a portmaster user send me a similar issue. Having used portupgrade to
try to handle the cups-lpr change, it seems that portupgrade tried to
maintain cups-lpr as its own port, and "installed" it from print/cups-base,
leading to two ports in /var/db/pkg having the same ORIGIN. In addition to
this being a bad thing generally, when the guy that wrote to me eventually
tried using portmaster to fix the problem, he got an error because
portmaster does not have any code currently to handle more the "more than
one port with the same ORIGIN" issue (since it should never happen).

I suppose I could add code to deal with this, but I'd really prefer some
kind of assurance that I'm right in thinking it shouldn't happen. :)



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