FreeBSD Port: latex2e-2003.12_1 does not compile

Jean-Marc Zucconi jmz at
Fri Jun 23 19:54:43 UTC 2006

>>>>> Uwe Spettnagel writes:

 > Hi,
 > confirmation of behaviour described on 2006-01-17 by Roman Neuhauser in
 > mailing.freebsd.ports (freebsd-ports Digest, Vol 144, Issue 2), except
 > that I use 5.4R with up-to-date portstree (cvsupped today) on i386.

 > Since no one answered to Romans mailing and the port still doesn't
 > compile (even though the last change to the port was five weeks ago), I
 > would like to remind of this problem.

 > If anyone has a solution, I would be very glad to read it on the list.

Do you set some TeX-related environment variables? What is the output
of 'env|grep TEX'


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