INDEX breakage in cups

michael johnson ahze at
Fri Jun 23 01:06:13 UTC 2006

On 6/22/06, Colin Percival <cperciva at> wrote:
> A recent commit by ahze broke the INDEX build:
> "Makefile", line 54: Could not find
> /usr/ports/print/cups-lpr/../../print/cups/Makefile.common
> make: fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue
> ===> print/cups-lpr failed
> *** Error code 1
> Stop in /usr/ports.
> I tried to fix this by unhooking print/cups-lpr from print/Makefile, but
> this turns out to not help since other ports depend upon print/cups-lpr:
> make_index: Unresolved dependency: /usr/ports/print/cups-lpr
> Note that in PR ports/97782, which ahze's commit closed, it says
> "Please note, that:
> * cups-lpr must be removed after this update",
> but it doesn't say what to do about ports which depend upon cups-lpr.
> Can someone fix this, or tell me what to do here?

If you're able to please remove cups-lpr, if not I'll get to it when I get

Colin Percival

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