Portmaster options file

Fernan Aguero fernan at iib.unsam.edu.ar
Thu Jun 22 14:25:00 UTC 2006

+----[ Eric <heli at mikestammer.com> (22.Jun.2006 11:12):
| Hello all,
| is there a mechanism in portmaster that is similar to portmanagers
| pm-020.conf file for specifying build options or can you specify
| everything in make.conf to achieve the same? for example, my pm-020.conf
| contains:
| www/horde|WITHOUT_WV=yes WITHOUT_XL=yes WITHOUT_X11=yes WITH_MAGICK=yes|
| print/ghostscript-gnu|WITHOUT_X11=yes|
| net/mtr|WITHOUT_X11=yes|
| but if i use portmaster -a theres no way for me to tell portmaster what
| options to use.

use portmaster together with portconf (sysutils/portconf)
| I checked the man page and noticed the portmaster.rc file, but didnt see
| any examples on my system.

after installing portconf, and adding the recommended magic
to /etc/make.conf, you should write a /etc/ports.conf that
looks very similar to what you show above (see the
pkg-message for portconf)

portmaster doesn't need to be told anything after this,
since all variables are set through make.conf


| Thanks!
| Eric

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