FreeBSD Port: security/amavisd-new

Gabor Kovesdan gabor at
Wed Jun 21 22:49:05 UTC 2006


WebTeam wrote:
> Good time of the day to you!
> Has such a problem w/ the latest subj (2.4.1_1,1)
> Upgraded from the version 2.3.x (after building applied 
> amavisd-new-qmqpqq.patch)
> install passed clean, as well as restart and so on. The problem is 
> following: all the uncoming mails passed through ok, but response 
> code, returned to SMTP sender is _always_
> 451 communication with mail server failed (#4.4.2)
so you use LMTP between your MTA and amavisd, right? Have you tried to 
set the loglevels (both for MTA and for amavisd) to a bit more verbose? 
I suppose you should get something more descriptive in maillog or 
messages. Anyway, what kind of MTA do you use?
You should also check if /usr/local/virusmails and /usr/local/amavis is 
writable by nobody:nogroup.
> so all the mail get postponed at the sender server queue and is being 
> sent again and again ;-(
> I've tried rebuilding source -- absolutely in vain
> built on FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE, by the following args
> make AMAVISUSER=nobody AMAVISGROUP=nogroup 
> AMAVISQUARANTINE=/usr/local/virusmails AMAVISDIR=/usr/local/amavis 
> rebuilding of all depended ports was also done.. the same ;-(
> The worst thing is that it's a production server... Maybe you may give 
> me any enlightnent/directions?
> Now I'm trying to rollback (to the previous version)
> Spent some time looking through the source code (amavisd).. 
> unfortunately with no luck. Responses from package Amavis::In::QMQPqq 
> seems to be correct:
> line 12155:
>     my($smtp_resp,$exit_code,$preserve_evidence) =
>         &$check_mail($conn,$msginfo,0);
> so if $smtp_resp = '250 2.6.0 Ok, id=86469-04, from 
> MTA([]:25): 250 ok 1150927347 qp 88439', the string, returned 
> by self->netsring (@ line 12198) is 'K250 2.6.0 Ok, id=86469-04, from 
> MTA([]:25): 250 ok 1150927347 qp 88439'
> when this response is analyzed I'm still haven't got, but it seems to 
> be correct.
> Written to you because you're listed as maintainer of this port. 
> Possibly you already know the remedy of this problem
> WBR, Oleg Strizhak

This info is not enough for me to help you. Maybe if you can post your 
configuration files, but I'm not so experienced in MTA-specific issues, 
I use Postfix for mail servers I maintain. Anyway, I think looking at 
the code is not necessary, there are a bunch of happy amavisd-new 2.4.x 
users, so I don't think it has such a trivial bug in itself. I also 
suggest you to write a new amavisd.conf from scratch, since there are 
syntactical changes between 2.3.x and 2.4.x config files. The old one 
should work, however, but it might be better to start with a new one.
Mail is CC'd to ports@, maybe someone can help you on the list.



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