[kde-freebsd] koffice and mysql50-client

ml at sd2i.com ml at sd2i.com
Mon Jun 19 18:59:13 UTC 2006

Michael Nottebrock a écrit :
> On Saturday, 17. June 2006 20:36, Stephen Montgomery-Smith wrote:
>> The koffice port fails to build because it says that there is no
>> mysqlclient.15.
> Can you provide the actual error? The port uses the USE_MYSQL macro for the 
> dependency and the configure script uses the output of mysql_config to 
> determine the library directory, so in theory there there should be no 
> trouble.

Same trouble here for postfix (another example is mysql41-server). 
There's no error, but mysql41-client is simply not found so it's 
compilation is launched again and the install fail because the ports 
already installed....

Seems that the detection is good just after the install step, but wrong 
before the compilation step.

I solve the trouble by adding symlink from 
/usr/local/lib/mysql/libmysql* to /usr/local/lib/libmysql*


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