latest portupgrade problem

Mark Evenson mark.evenson at
Mon Jun 19 13:00:16 UTC 2006

Fanz Klammer wrote:
> Mark Evenson schrieb:
>> I am getting (a possibly unrelated error):
>> portupgrade -as
>> Updating the pkgdb <format:dbm_hash> in /var/db/pkg ... ** Database 
>> file locked. Waiting.
>> Which waits forever.
> had the same problem: i removed the latest added patch 
> "files/patch-lib-pkgdb.rb"
> and did a "make install FORCE_PKG_REGISTER=yes" - now everything works 
> again.

After removing this patch, and recompiling, and reinstalling I am now 

portupgrade -as
[Rebuilding the pkgdb <format:dbm_hash> in /var/db/pkg ... ---> 
[Executing a command as root: sudo /usr/local/sbin/pkgdb -aFQ]
Command failed [exit code 1]: sudo /usr/local/sbin/pkgdb -aFQ

So your fix doesn't seem to work for me.  Thanks for the help, though.

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