HEADSUP: most recent set of changes to bsd.port.mk

Mark Linimon linimon at lonesome.com
Mon Jun 19 00:14:19 UTC 2006

On 6/16/2006, I committed a new set of changes to bsd.port.mk.  For those
that missed the initial announcement, here is a heads-up.

The most important changes are the updates of the default MySQL, PHP,
LDAP, and linux_base versions.  Expect to spend some time with portupgrade,
portmaster, or $favorite_tool to upgrade.

The complete list of changes follows.  Please contact me directly if you
see any problems.


* Update default MySQL version from 4.1 to 5.0 [1]

* Update default PHP version from 4 to 5 [2]

* Update default LDAP version from 2.2 to 2.3 [3]

* Add support for LDAP version 2.4 [4]

* Update default linux_base from '8' (Redhat 8) to 'fc4' (Fedora Core 4) [5]

* Switch default Linux X implementation from XFree86 to xorg to track the
  above [5]

* Deprecate INSTALLS_SHLIB and replace it by USE_LDCONFIG.  If set to "yes",
  the old behavior is preserved.  Otherwise, it can be set to a list of
  directories to be added to ${PREFIX}/libdata/ldconfig/${UNIQUENAME}.
  Note that this directory is used by ldconfig startup script, it is meant
  to replace ldconfig scripts installed by some ports as (sometimes
  000.${UNQUENAME}.sh) [6]

* Adds USE_LDCONFIG32 which is like USE_LDCONFIG but the target file is
  ${PREFIX}/libdata/ldconfig32/${UNIQUENAME} instead.  (Note: this should
  only be used on 64-bit architectures) [6]

* Set the default LANG for tr to be C to avoid some build problems [7]

* Include bsd.java.mk in both pre and post sections [8]

* Get rid of remnants of FORCE_PKG_REGISTER [9]

* Always print options with make showconfig [10]

PR:	92805 [1], 92806 [2], 96793 [3], 97515 [4], 96849 [5],
	91933 [6], 91381 [7], 97020 [8], 95841 [9], 97133 [10]

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