GCC with GNAT Ada compiler

Gerald Pfeifer gerald at pfeifer.com
Sun Jun 18 10:15:26 UTC 2006

On Sun, 18 Jun 2006, Karel Miklav wrote:
>> Yes, GNAT should install into ${PREFIX}/bin as well, using the
>> --program-suffix= option, like the lang/gcc ports are doing.
> Ups, I merged two issues above. First is option --libdir, which has
> a value of ${PREFIX}/lib/gcc/${CONFIGURE_TARGET}/${PORTVERSION}. This
> is a problem for Ada, as libraries get installed into very deep and
> odd looking path.

Yes, I can see this.  The path is long even for other languages, because 
we have a duplication of ${CONFIGURE_TARGET}/${PORTVERSION} in some cases.  
The current --libdir option has the purpose to avoid conflicts among the 
lang/gcc* ports, due to various issues upstream.

> Setting this option to ${PREFIX}/lib doesn't seem to change anything
> for C and C++, but it helps Ada. Don't know about the other compilers 
> though.

${PREFIX}/lib won't work -- we'd get tons of conflicts between the
various lang/gcc* ports, but I think I could change this to


instead.  Would this help?

> Binaries are another problem, as program name transformation does not
> currently work for Ada. I'll see what I can do about it.

If you could work this upstream, that would be great, thanks!  (GCC 4.2
is still under development and GCC 4.1 is released and in bugfix mode.
Such a fix may be appropriate for these two.)

>>> 3. Is it OK to build in switches for excluding Objective C and C++?
>> Depens which ports you have in mind. ;-)
> galaxian-4.1.2 :))


> I didn't think about that. Look, I'd like to have Ada in GCC ports
> in the end. There already is a FreeBSD port of GPL-ed GNAT, based on
> GCC sources and patches prepared by AdaCore. Would it be acceptable if
> I prepare ports named like gcc_gnatXY? These would mostly be copies of
> gccXY ports with Ada included, and when matured, they could be merged
> into GCC ports?

I'd recommend to focus on a single version, but either way is fine with
me -- just make sure not to create conflicts (same filenames used by two
ports) with any of the existing lang/gcc* ports.

Adding Ada support to one of the recent lang/gcc* ports, lang/gcc42
ideally at this point, with an option such was WITH_ADA sounds like
a worthwhile idea.  Perhaps you may want to start by using lang/gcc42
as a master port, similar to lang/gfortran?


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