NOT installing the .la files

Mikhail Teterin mi+mx at
Thu Jun 15 17:36:24 UTC 2006

четвер 15 червень 2006 13:25, Matthias Andree написав:
> > What build errors? I asked for an example some time ago, and have not
> > seen one yet...


A spectacular example. It truly is. The PR above is closed -- on your request:

	From: matthias.andree at
	To: freebsd-gnats-submit at, matthias.andree at
	 Please close this PR. The .la files aren't needed.


This one, too, has no examples of any breakage. The concern expressed in the 
PR over people expecting the installed libtool to install the .la files of 
and for _THEIR OWN_ software, is adequately addressed by the gnu-libtool 

So, again, any examples of actual moderately hard to fix breakage resulting 
from not installing these? Awaiting...


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