NOT installing the .la files

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Wed Jun 14 11:31:47 UTC 2006

Quoting Matthias Andree <matthias.andree at> (from Wed, 14 Jun  
2006 12:33:29 +0200):

> Hmmm... still no consensus. So I'll just leave my ports alone until
> consensus is reached. I've never understood what was so terribly wrong
> about .la files anyways. Unneeded perhaps but as long as they don't
> break anything, why bother.

The current libtool port does install .la files. There's no work in  
progress to change this. If nobody sends patches to the upstream  
maintainers, there will never be a libtool version which completely  
works without .la files. So the right thing to do ATM is to *not*  
remove .la files in ports. There may be software which dosn't work  
without them.


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